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About us

FHS is a full range HR company that provides diverse human capital solutions across industries. Our team is small enough to give a client high quality, customized solutions; yet is big enough to provide full range human capital solutions for a company of almost any size and or nature. We are proud of ourselves of being in the industry long enough to be in a position of doing things first before others even realize. Whether it is corporate training, recruitment, HR manual, or even most of HR consultancies, our firm has the right combination of experts, tools, and approach, that guarantee serious value addition whilst providing significant cost savings, and, most important, enhance productivity. Our success is strictly dependent on us making our clients’ businesses succeed.

FHS practices relationship selling instead of transactional selling. Unlike transactional selling, which focuses on closing sales, relationship selling focuses on establishing long-term relationships with both existing and prospective clients, by providing true value-adding solutions to their human capital needs.