Tips for recruiting

Recruiting the right people can be a challenge and Jumia Jobs is here to help you.
Our website provides a place to reach thousands of job seekers and helps meet your company’s needs – but there is a lot you can do to make your postings as efficient as possible and hire the right people.


How to write a job description

You will find the most qualified candidates if you let them know the exact specifications of the job they are applying for. Your job description should be as specific as it can be – listing the needed skills and the tasks that will have to be done. You can also add an “ideal candidate” sample, so that job-seekers know precisely what you are looking for.
If the job requires bilingual ability be sure to list it. If the position requires travel or relocation you should list this as well. Nobody wants to be surprised in an interview or discuss workplace or logistics. Save time and trouble and tell job seekers upfront about the important job details.


How to recruit online in general

You can highlight why your company is a great place to work at in the “About company” section of your profile. There, you can list what you and your co-workers enjoy the most in your company. Be sure to include any awards, perks, or unique aspects of life in your company.
Although adding a salary is optional, if job-seekers know what the salary range is likely to be, they will know if the job is a good fit for them. This will filter out people who would not have been interested and you will thus not waste your time going through applications and making calls without success. If you cannot add a range because it is not determined, filling out the “Compensation” field with “market competitive” can give job-seekers confidence their application will be worth their time and investment.